There are 5 easy steps to becoming a USPA Certified Polo Instructor through At each step, we will provide you with guidance and resources to ensure you are ready for the next step. For any questions about becoming a Certified Polo Instructor, please get in touch with

Step 1

The first step of working toward your USPA Certified Polo Instructor Certification is to attend the Instructor Manger Forum in Houston, TX, which happens each November. Contact Jess Downey at to receive more information about how to attend.

Step 2

Once you have attended the Instructors Managers Forum you are eligible to attend an Instructor Skilz Clinic. To attend an Instructor Skilz Clinic you’ll first need to fill out the “Certified Polo Instructor Application Form” on your PoloSkilz Instructor Profile page. To create an account, follow the link below.

Step 3

Once you’ve attended an Instructor Skilz Clinic you’ll receive a recommendation from our team of Certifiers to attend another Instructor Skilz Clinic or advance to a Certification Field Test. If eligible for the Certification Field Test, you’ll need to complete all coursework, application, and requirements on your PoloSkilz profile prior to your Certification Field Test.

Step 4

Certification Field Tests are held all over the country and you’ll work with Jess Downey to secure your sport for one of these 3-day events.

Step 5

Upon completion of all the requirements you’ll receive your USPA Certified Polo Instructor Certification for Level 1!

If you have any questions, get in touch with us below!

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