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Why aren’t my account credentials working?

As you know we’ve relaunched the Poloskilz site to incorporate all of our programs, causing some issues with your previous CPI Profile information.

To put this in simple terms, since we’ve relaunched the site structure, your CPI account is “dormant,” though it contains all of your files and coursework.

In order to kick your CPI account into gear, you need to “re-register” on the site with the exact same account details you had on the previous site. That includes:

  • username
  • email
  • password
  • first name
  • last name

***If you don’t remember any of the details above, you can send a message to the webmaster in the contact form to your left and they can get you a temporary password and all of your old account information.

How do I “re-register”?

It is fairly simple.

Step 1

Visit this page:

Step 2

Enter in the exact same account information that you used on the previous CPI site.

Step 3

If you used the same credentials, you’ll see a ‘successful registration’ message. From there you can simply login as would previously to access the CPI Profile Page. Here is the new login page: